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If you didn’t already know, Jamaica is still the place to be!
Of course, this has been obvious from the tourists’ perspective for many decades now. What has, heretofore, been less obvious is that Jamaica is a precious gem for business opportunities. If scratching your head and wondering “why?”, well – just consider the global movement to embrace Cannabis…whether it’s hemp or ganja. Lightbulb on now?
After doing some research, we found several notable companies and, for purposes of this series, the first spotlight goes to: ISRATECH JAMAICA LTD.! So, kudos to you ISRATECH…smart professionals doing great work for communities across Jamaica and the Caribbean!
For more information about this forward thinking company, see below for an excellent commentary pulled from a fairly recent web posting (October 2020) and which is written per an interview by Business View Caribbean.
Finally, a “shout-out” to Business View Caribbean [which can be found at this link: https://businessviewcaribbean.com/] for their work. As you’ll notice, the commentary gives a fulsome description of ISRATECH JAMAICA LTD. and what they do. So, check it out; and, if unable to locate it below, then go here: https://www.isratech.com/master-the-elements/ for the commentary and go here: https://www.isratech.com/ to reach the website for ISRATECH JAMAICA LTD.